White Lies In Relationships & Steps to Handle Long Lasting Relationship » White Lies

White Lies In Relationships & Steps to Handle Long Lasting Relationship » White Lies

White Lies In Relationships & Steps to Handle Long Lasting Relationship » White LiesThe secret to a long lasting relationship is honesty and trust. These go hand in hand in determining the strengths and weaknesses of a bond.

Most of the time, it is men who try to fib about several personal traits and issues. However, women are not to be left alone and contribute their fair share of white lies to make sure that the relationship works out.But what’s there to look forward in a loving bond if you start hiding things from the one you love?

Given below are some of the most common lies women usually tell their spouses and boyfriends. These lies can both make and break a relationship. It is up to you to decide whether you want to keep your lover in the dark or open out your heart and expect him to trust you.

Past relationships: Though both sides contribute fairly to this segment of lies, the damage is more in the case of a woman hiding her past relationships from her lover. Women tend to be forgiving and mature enough to let things go and move on in life.

The same cannot be said about a few men who find it hard to digest the fact that their girls had in fact been in a few past relationships. It is best that you open up and tell your boyfriend of your previous flames instead of him getting to know about the same from an external source.

This is when comparisons with earlier boyfriends start and you may need to face a few arguments as well. Ensure him that he is the best and that he is the love of your life, in contrast to the earlier blulnders you had made while looking for the right person.

Your Expenses: Most men find it irritating to shop with women who tend to pick up everything they lay their eyes on.That doesn’t necessarily mean you belong to the mentioned category.

Men tend to be very fickle when women spend on unecessary items (according to them) and always keep nosing around to find out how much you spent.

If youy have separate incomes, don’t try to hide your expenditures and money matters from him. Let him know how you spend your money which will give him the reassurance that you include him in all the decisions that you make.

Family Tensions: Life may not always be a bed of roses and you may end up having some conflicts with a few members of your spouse’s family.

Take all these issues as a part and parcel of daily life and keep mum. Don’t wait of ryour spouse to come home and then launch a verbal attack on his family. Don’t pressurise him to the point of having to choose between you and his family.

If you find a person in his family irritating or overbearing, just avoid being near him/her at all times and refrain from getting into an argument over trivial matters

His Gifts : Ok! It’s true that your guy does not have superhuman powers to read your mind and at times can buy the most unimaginable and useless gifts for you.

Never say the same in front of his face. Instead of criticising his gift, try to say something praiseworthy about it. Even if you don’t find anything interesting about it, try to imagine something pleasant about it.

Men are very sensitive with their gifts and if you reject his gift, you tend to send signals of rejecting him as well. Next time, when he shows indications of buying you a gift, try to drop subtle hints so that he might get a picture of what you actually would love to receive from him.

Flirtations: You may get a few comments from your male friends about your looks when you are out with your boyfriend. Instead of bragging about the same to your guy, just keep quiet. How would it feel if your guy says that his girlfriends think of him as being a very hot and seductive person?

That’s how your guy is going to feel when you say something similar to him. Don’t make your man insecure, rather make him loved and wanted. This way, you can ensure nothing comes between the both of you.

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