Whom should you marry

Whom should you marry

Whom should you marry - Whom will i marry - With whom will i marry » Whom should you marryMarriage is no doubt the most important occasion in life of every one. It is a question of choosing a life partner for the whole life and that is the reason why it is given prime importance. It is often seen that most of the time people get married without looking for various important aspects and as a result of that they curse each other for the whole life. Marriage is a very important aspect and so it is very important to consider several important things before you actually decide on getting married.

The first and the most important question that often comes in mind of most of the people is to whom should you marry. There are several people who are not having the clear views for this question and because of that they face the troubles afterwards.

The girl looks for a family where she can adjust easily and in addition she looks for the family members that they are good by nature and also that the boy earns sufficient amount of money to look after the family. The boy looks for the girl who can support him whenever required and can take care of him and his family for the whole life.

There should be mutual understanding between the persons who are going to marry. Not only between the girl and the boy but also between their families who are going for a new relationship because they have to live their life with each other forever. Nature of both the girl and the boy should match with each other.

Marriage should not be done forcefully because of the caste or getting dowry. Such marriages are not successful in a long term. Marriages are successful if there is love and affection between the partners and not when money is the factor.

Your family must agree upon whom you marry because they also have to live with him/her for their rest of the life. If the relation between you and your partner is not fruitful then this can affect your family also and you and your family can get mental tension.

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