Why Animal Friends Are So Important

Why Animal Friends Are So Important

Why Animal Friends Are So Important - Importance of animal friends - Animal best friends - Our animal friends » Why Animal Friends Are So ImportantIt’s not difficult to see why many people prefer their four-legged friends to human. Not only do animals offer unconditional love, they also offer fun companionship, but did you know that owning a pet also helps to reduce blood pressure, alleviate depression, get rid of stress and release the feel-good endorphins essential for making one feel on top of the world?

Science has proven that no matter what type of pet you have, from parrot to poodle, interaction with any animal type has many health benefits. Recent studies reveal that owning a pet not only helps keep stress levels down, they also help prevent heart disease and depression. Watch a tank full of tropical fish and you will find your blood pressure is much lower, at least for a while. As well, studies show heart-attack victims with pets tend to live longer.

This is probably due to the fact that looking after a pet helps bring our nurturing instinct to the fore and the unconditional love and acceptance of a pet makes us feel secure, even raising our self-esteem. Wonderful, loving companions, everyone can live longer and feel better just by owning a pet.

It isn’t only dogs and cats that are good for your health; you can keep a parrot, goldfish, snake or any animal that interests you. However, ensure that your chosen pet fits your temperament, lifestyle and living space; otherwise it could end up being the source of additional stress.

Many medical studies have been conducted, with each reporting that owning a pet is good for your heart, and there is one that suggests stroking an animal prompts the brain to release endorphins i.e. the feel-good hormones that have a calming effect on you, thus lowering your heart rate and blood pressure.

Pets make one feel optimistic and relaxed, helping lower blood pressure. The best results are obtained by getting necessary exercise by taking your dog for a walk. Studies show that older people, who own pets, tend to be more healthy and active than others who don’t.

As well, pet owners are less likely to suffer from anxiety, loneliness and are more confident in their outlook than people without pets. Pets also have a positive effect on emotional health, which is why people living alone with pets are less likely to suffer from depression than those without animal company.

Not only do pets brighten your mood and raise your spirits, they can actually save your life too. Many animals have warned their owners about oncoming illness and it has even been reported that dogs can detect cancer, while some even identify other types of illness, such as, hypoglycaemia (dangerously-low blood sugar levels) in diabetics and oncoming epileptic fits.

Owning a pet has huge health benefits no doubt, but before getting one, consider the options first and do your homework. Though they seem like fun, pets can be a huge responsibility and there is a lot of hard work is involved, as well.

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