Why do men cheat

Why do men cheat

Why do men cheat - Relationship problem - Men Who Cheat - Why Do Married Men Cheat - Why Married Men Cheat - Top Reasons Why Men Cheat » Why do men cheat? Read onA man may have a wife, kids, car, apartment and a great job and yet have a little communication with his spouse. So they may cheat on their spouse as they might feel neglected because of his wife’s divided attention between the household chores and their children. Here are some of the reasons listed below that why men look out of their nest and cheat their partner.

Men no longer fell satisfied and stimulated with their current relationship and are too scared to end it.

Men may have got bored in their current relationship and carve for initial excitement and illicitness of a secret affair.

Intimacy quotient between the partners is very significant. Lack of sexual chemistry between them leads to infidelity, casual affairs on part of men. The spouse may be not interested in doing the sexual things the men want to try out. They may be either afraid of or morally against such kinks. Also, the woman‘s sex drive isn’t what it was when he got married to her. Many guys think that having sex with more than one woman is an ego boost for them.

Men stray out of long term relationships to remember what it was like to be free and desirable. It may be possible that their need to feel desired is somehow not been able to fulfill by their spouse.

They even stray just to enjoy the feeling of being in a free commitment relationship with no strings attached for the sake of gaining double enjoyment and nothing else.

Also, lack of communication with the spouse or girlfriend can lead a man to cheat. May be his partner is a working woman, or in her pregnancy stage or may be children rearing and household chores takes much of her time, leaving little or no personal time to share with her partner.

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