Why our Body needs Water

Why our Body needs Water

Why our Body needs Water - Water Content of Body - Symptoms of Dehydration | Tips on - Find TipsWater – Core of Human Body

Do you know the most important ingredient used to build our body? No doubt, it is water. 65 % of the body weight of a healthy man is water. If he is slim and tall it may be up to 70 % .Water is essential for the smooth working of our all internal organs. When water content is decreases by 1 -2 % we feel thirst. If the decrease is 5 % we may have symptoms of dehydration. If the decrease is more than 15 % there may be death due to dehydration.

Water – The Life Saver

All the functions like digestion, assimilation, excretion required for the maintenance of life in our body are doing smoothly with the help of water. The moment we start chewing our food water starts its function. It would separate vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates and fat of our food and supply these ingredients at the required quantity to the blood, bone and muscles as and when required. If there is no water all these functions would be in trouble.

Water for Excretion

All the unwanted substances that are produced by the body cells are collected and excreted from the body with the help of water. Carbon dioxide, nitrogen, urea and ammonia are some of these substances. All these are collected and excreted through intestine, urinary bladder, lungs and skin with the help of water.

Water for All Functions

So water is the most important ingredient of our body cells and body fluids. If water content is diminished all body functions would be in trouble. Salivation would stop, we cannot speak. Enzyme production would be stopped, food would not be digested. We would be tired & cannot even stand walk or run. We open and close our eyes with the help of water. Even the major content of fluid that protects our brain is water. Water regulates our body temperature with the help of kidney, intestine, lungs and skin.

So our body needs plenty of water. Water is the core of our life. Hence drink pure water as required and keep your body fit.

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