Why Should You Train Your Dog

Why Should You Train Your Dog

Why Should You Train Your Dog - Basic Dog Training - Advance Training of Dog - Training for Mental Simulation of Dog | Tips on - Find TipsFor a dog to be good companion they need proper and thorough training. Training would give a mental stimulation to your dog. It helps you to make a bond with him and vice-versa. The dog would get a sense of belongings to your family. It would improve his behavior. Like human beings dogs learns from each experience. They are learning from every experience and every interaction. They can be trained at any age but the best time is between 6 weeks to 14 weeks. They have many natural but annoying behaviors such as chewing, nipping, barking, eliminating in the wrong place jumping up and not coming when called. With a proper training you can change all these behavior humanly to make a good companion dog. So that they can coexist with all people. Training would prevent his aggression and would establish proper leadership role in him.

House Manners and Obedience

At 6-8 weeks of age puppy begins to learn house manners and obedience. They would be introduced to the world for interaction. Basic dog training such as being able to recall your dog, make him to sit and stop him from jumping up would be given at this time. You and dog should enjoy these together.

Advance Training

Advance training such as guide work training for blind people, explosive detection training, and training for police force would be given at the age of 15-18 months.

Results of Training

Dog doesn’t know how to behave in the society. If you allow him to sit with you in the chair, it may give him a feel of promotion or allow eating with you and your family may give him more importance. This may make him more aggressive. When someone asks him to do something he doesn’t want to do then he would be aggressive. By training you are giving him social skills he needs to behave in your family to become a good companion. You can take him where ever you want with confidence that you can control him and his behavior. An untrained dog would give you frustration and the whole relationship would starts to fall apart.

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