Why Teens Get Acne

Why Teens Get Acne

Why Teens Get Acne - Cause Of Acne In Teens - Controlling Teen Acne » Why Teens Get AcneAs young boys and girls evolve into their teenage years, the outbreak of acne is sure to follow. This is because the body’s oil glands begin to make excess sebum oil. Acne is caused by the excess of this oil plus dead skin cells which clog up the pores. As a result, bacteria grow and cause irritation to the skin. While the exact causes of acne are not known, many dermatologists feel that the hormonal changes in teenagers affect the sebaceous glands.

Another cause of acne is heredity. If either or both of the parents have suffered from acne, chances are their teenager will as well. Acne can also be caused by the teenager’s diet, any nervous system problems or, in teenage women, the onset of their menstrual cycle. When a young girl is premenstrual, her progesterone hormones become very high. Some teenagers may get acne from food allergies, chemicals that come in contact with their skin, the use of makeup, or medication that they are taking.

Regardless of what causes a teenager’s acne, the results can be traumatic and cause them to withdraw socially.

Acne during the teenage years is like an initiation into adulthood. Meanwhile, it causes great harm to a teenager’s social psyche. They tend to feel more self-conscious and become withdrawn. While there is no specific remedy for acne, there are some techniques that can help manage it.

Acne can appear as the result of stress. It is important that teenagers get the proper amount of sleep each night to relax their bodies. Teenage girls that use makeup should select cosmetics that are water-based and not oil-based. Proper hygiene plays a part in controlling the acne. Be sure to wash your face at least twice a day. When you wash your face, do not scrub it hard, as this will open the pores. Try not to let things come into contact with your skin such as hair products, headbands, and even backpacks. These things produce more oil when they rub against the skin. Young men and women should also try to keep their hair off of their faces.

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