Why to Use Color Cosmetics

Why to Use Color Cosmetics

Why to Use Color Cosmetics - Use of Color Cosmetics - Use of Enhancer - Use of Concealer | Tips on - Find TipsMost of us are so busy in our daily routine that we forget to pay as much attention to our skin as is required. And when it comes to color cosmetics then its absolute No-No. Why?

Do you know when it comes to color cosmetics you might as well have just a lip-stick and a blush-on. And the question remains the same. Why?

Points to ponder for the use of color cosmetics:

Enhances Beauty:

Appropriate hair-style is what you always take care of, so why not your face features. You can use shine and shimmers color cosmetics to enhance your face contours for the formal occasions and subtle tones for the informal and day make-ups.

Magnifying looks:

In case you have large eyes then use of shades of tones of eye-shadows will magnify the upper eyelid and mascara adds on to volume of eyelids’ hair.

To define them further, use eye-liner. Use the shade which goes well with your costume.

However, with small eyes use of subtle shades give glory and sparkle to your eyes.

Conceals Blemishes:

Why have you stopped using concealer, lately? This cost more and doesn’t seem to give you value for money, moreover, its time consuming. Well come out of it. Today use of spray-gun concealer gives leverage of concealing the blemishes, quickly and without much effort.

Adds on to sex-appeal:

Last time your colleague had got all attention when you had attended the office Christmas party. That was because she had taken some extra effort to add on to her sex-appeal by applying the colors to her beauty. And you thought it was just a routine office party. Add few color cosmetics to your make-up kit with the help of an expert, to add to your sex-appeal. Next party you can yourself see the result.

Gives more Feminity:

Use color cosmetics frequently and appropriately. This surely provides more sex-appeal and adds on to your feminity.

Right concealer, right foundation, right eyes’ enhancers, blush-on, and lipsticks will present you as a perfect you.

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