WikiLeaks App Dropped From Apple App Store

WikiLeaks App Dropped From Apple App Store

WikiLeaks App Dropped From Apple App Store - Apple Drops WikiLeaks, Google Maintains AppSteve Job’s company, Apple has become one of the many companies which have distanced themselves from WikiLeaks and anything to do with the controversial website. Apple Inc. recently removed an application from its online store which gave users of the app access to the data being released by the website. Not only this, the app also had an in-built alert system to remind users whenever the website leaked any new documents or information.

Google on the other hand has not omitted any of the apps available in its Android marketplace, all of which allow easy access to WikiLeaks content. Google’s Android Marketplace is like Apple’s App Store, where applications for smartphones are available for purchase as well as free download. Google has not taken any action as of yet and seems unlikely to remove the applications which are connected to WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks, a controversial website founded by Julian Assange has been making sensitive diplomatic documents of the US government public on the Internet. Recently released diplomatic cables have angered the US government a lot. Also many American companies like Internet giant, have distanced themselves from providing any sort of services that would allow the site to continue in its operation.

Supporters of WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange have come forward to show their support to the website by targeting those websites and business via cyber attacks. Companies which have been the target of cyber hackers include Visa Inc., Bank of America etc.

Experts also say that now that Apple has shown that it does not want anything to do with any application connected to WikiLeaks, it has become the latest potential victim of cyber attacks. WikiLeaks founder Assange on the other hand has been held under house arrest for almost a month now in the UK where he is fighting a legal battle to not be extradited to Sweden where he has been accused by two women of sexual assault including a rape charge. Assange says that these accusations are untrue and that they are part of a successful smear campaign as he has upset many high authorities.

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