Win the support of other people

Win the support of other people

Win the support of other people - Effective communication techniques - Global consequences - Office atmosphere » How to win the support of other people at officeYou will be glad to read that for getting the support of other people around you, countless experts have written plenty of books. Effective communication techniques can be learned from such books. Everyone knows that for getting the things done in a right manner, it’s very important that the task is explained to others in a complete and understandable manner. You need to clear why the task is important, how it can be done in the best possible way plus the time limit in which it has to be completed fruitfully. Well, here are easy ways written below for all you out there, which can help you in winning the support of other people!

While assigning the work to the other people, make sure you show them the big picture of your project. Tell them that failing to complete the task in time may have global consequences. This will motivate them more towards the competition of work. Mind it, that if you do not tell the person about the task that you have given, they will not appreciate its significance at all.

Manage the expectations in a smart way. If some project is going out to be challenging, say so. This will make the other people more cautious about the work. Otherwise people may think they are in some way falling short because they are finding the task difficult and unmanageable.

Try to build an atmosphere of healthy competition in your office. This can be a great motivating factor for getting the things done. Assign the work to people and then offer the prize to the one who finishes it completely and properly in a given time limit.

Be explicit while communicating the work. If you say exactly what you want, you are more likely to get it than you are confused and unclear.

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