Wine Regions India

Wine Regions India

Wine Regions India - Wine Producing Nations - Italy Wine Regions - Wine Regions Of France » Undiscovered wine regionsThe mention of wines just lures a person who is crazy about them. There are many nations in the world who are engaged in the production of wines. The most renowned among them are Alsace, Tuscany and Loire Valley.It is true that these nations produce quality wines. However, there are many more nations in the world which produce wines, but are not much renowned among the wine producers. Let us learn about these lesser known wine producers.

Romania was once considered as the world’s 12th largest wine producing nation in 2005. Murfatlar region, in Romania, is the best in the country. Romania is a country which is rich in local kind of grapes. However, these local grapes have been currently replaced by Western European grapes, which are now the backbone of wine production in Romania.


Israel is a very good quality producer of wine, though it produces it in a small quantity. The Galilee region in Israel is the best as it has high altitudes, cool breeze and good soil.

It is also one of the largest nations engaged in the production of wines. The Commandaria region in Cyprus is considered as the best. The wine here is produced from two kinds of grapes called Xynisteri and Mavro, which are specifically grown in Cyprus. The product produced here is rich in quality and tastes like ice wine or dessert wine.

Though production of wine is not the specialty of India, yet the Nashik region in India produces some fine quality wine seasonally. The largest wine producing nation in India is in Maharashtra, which is a state with great temples, scenic beauty and beautiful waterfalls.

New York
New York is having a backyard of one of the best undiscovered regions engaged in the production of wines. Long Island’s East End has a maritime climate, which is the best for the survival of grapes.

The study into these regions indicates that it is not true that the best wines come from France and Italy only. There are many other nations which are involved in the production of quality wines

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