Winter care for pond fish

Winter care for pond fish

Winter care for pond fish - How to keep water in fish pond clean - Types of pond fish » Winter care for pond fishAn attractive pond either in your garden or inside your home is able to add beauty in your home landscape. And if pond has little colorful fishes in it then the attraction gets extended and it magnifies. Pond with fishes spread magical effect in the beauty of your home garden’s decor. However, you have to take care of your fishes throughout the year especially in winters. Pond fishes require special caring when winter draws closer. As the water of pond becomes colder in winter, some measures are required to follow like cleanliness, specific diet for their survival etc. In order to take proper care and safety, here are few guidelines to help you.

First thing to do is preparation for water that may suit them in winters. Start your preparation in early fall of winters in order to avoid any accident later. After the fall of winters your garden pond would get covered with lots of dried leaves. These leaves come from nearby bushes, trees or pond plants. When they start decaying, they affect ecological balance of the pond and irritate the fishes. The decayed substances settle down at the bottom of pond, due to this process there is increase in level of dissolved organic substances and decrease in oxygen.

So, in order to avoid any harm to your fishes try to get out the skim leaves with the help of net when they fall down in the pond. You can also adopt other easier method for the above purpose. You can install leaf net over your garden pond that has fishes. It is also very crucial to remove other decorative materials like shells, stones etc from pond in order to have clean bottom. This should be done in early fall of winters or in late summers.

Additional methods for more cleaning the garden pond are vacuuming (Mini Vac or Pondo Vac 3), pruning and dip net. Out of the above method the Pondo Vac 3 is good because it gives you free and clean floor of pond from unsightly sediments, plant remains and sludge. However, Mini Vac is better for picking up small leaver, gravel and many other impurities.

Second thing to consider is the correct diet for fishes. Fishes have slow metabolism during winters, therefore they require less food. So, it is an advise to feed your fishes only once in a day, especially when the temperature of water drops down to sixties. However, remember to feed them with high protein diet in summers. If you do so, then they can reserve fats that can be used during winters by them.

Prefer to feed fishes with wheat germ food because it can get digested by them easily. If you would use this to feed them, then only supply food to your fishes twice or thrice a week because it takes time to digest.

So, with the above guidelines you can easily take care of your fishes in winters.

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