Winter holidays at the Ice Hotel

Winter holidays at the Ice Hotel

Winter holidays at the Ice Hotel - Winter Holidays in Sweden -Sweden Ice Church | Tips on - Find TipsDuring the icy cold Swedish winter, people flock to this country to spend a few days in the Ice Hotel. Staying in the Ice Hotel has become a modern adventure.

Built every year from the ice and snow of the Torne River, this fairyland-like structure is located in the Swedish village of Jukkasjarvi.

The construction of the hotel begins every year from mid-November. The Absolut Icebar reopens on December 12 and the Ice Church and the Main Hall is ready by 23 December. The construction of the entire hotel is complete by January 10.

Staying in the hotel

It is hard to imagine the comfort of the icy environ inside the hotel. To survive in the temperature ranging between -5 degree Celsius and -8 degree Celsius, tourists must be dressed in thermal clothing and sleep in a sleeping bag on the ice bed draped with reindeer skins.

For special occasions, you could book the ice Hotel Art suite. Beautiful ice sculptures and decors adorn the suite. The Ice Hotel Ice room is decked with furniture made of ice. The Snow room is simpler than the Ice room and the Art suite, but is more spacious.

In the morning, you would be woken up with a cup of hot lingonberry juice. Breakfast, morning sauna and towels are included in the cost of accommodation.


Excursions help to explore the Lapland, its people and culture. Snowmobile safari, dog sledding and moose safari are popular adventures organized for guests staying at the Ice Hotel.

Ice church in Jukkasjarvi

The chapel of this beautiful Swedish village made from ice is an architectural wonder. People often gather here to marry, renew their vows or to baptize children. Given the limited time span of the chapel, you should book in advance for the ceremony.


The Ice Hotel shop is a popular shopping venue. Exquisite products manufactured in the Ice Hotel are sold here. There is a good collection of books and DVDs on Ice Hotel. You can also buy warm clothes and backpack that would help in your stay in the hotel.

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