Winter Skin Care Tips for Women

Winter Skin Care Tips for Women

Winter Skin Care Tips for Women - Honey and Skin Care - How To Remove Dead Skin - Winter Skin Care Routine | Fashion & BeautyWinter is approaching. The weather is getting cold. This time a good massage of your body with oil is needed to make your body warm. Oil massaging increases the glow of the skin and enhances blood circulation all over the body. A proper blood circulation is necessary for the movement of our limbs. For massaging purpose you can use coconut oil, olive oil, sandalwood oil, lavender oil etc. You can make a cock tail of all oils. You can warm the oil before massaging. This helps in the penetration of the oil.

During winter our whole body remains covered with woolen garments most of the time. Our face and neck remain exposed. These parts of our body get the maximum exposure to sun and winter chill. Apply some home made mask to get relief. Mix coconut oil and lime juice and apply it to remove tan. Mix turmeric paste in mustard oil and apply it on your skin. This paste is also good for cough and cold. In this paste you may add basil paste or neem paste to get better result. Neem and basil works as antiseptic and if you have acne and rashes on skin they act as medicine.

Milk and honey is another good combination for your skin. Milk cleanses your skin from the deep and honey acts as moisturizer. For cleansing purpose you may also use lentil paste. You may use cream of the milk for the moisturizing purpose. Use saffron with the milk cream. Milk and saffron increases the fairness of the skin. In winter oranges are found in abundance. Make a paste of orange peel and turmeric and apply it on your skin to remove any type of blemish.

Scrubbing is very necessary step to remove dead skin and to revive the skin’s glow. Avoid chemical scrubber that are sold in the market. Make your own scrubber at home with powdered lentils, rice husk, bran, chaff etc. Use this once or twice a week and get a glowing flawless skin. Follow this skin care routine accompanied with a good diet and enough fluid drinking.

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