Woman value romance than friendship

Woman value romance than friendship

Woman value romance than friendship - Romance and friendship - Love and romance - Woman value relationship » Woman value romance than friendshipWoman are said to be the most emotional human being on this earth. They become emotionally very attached to a person who show some love and care for them. But it s a well known fact that woman value relationship more than friendship. They value friendship a lot but not more than romance. Woman becomes emotionally attached to her man because of the love and care she receives from him. If we compare between romance and friendship, then we will find that many woman ruin their lives because of romance whereas they get full support in friendship but still woman prefer to value romance than friendship. It is a fact that friends are very essential in life and they help in cherishing the life but it is the romance which makes the life complete. Romance is something which gives pleasure to our life and makes our living successful.

In many cases we can see that woman have crossed limits in order to value romance than friendship. Women can even leave her best friends for the sake of romance. The reason of this is that romance is the result of true love which grows up from the depths of heart which ultimately takes over the mind of the person. Friendship does not have the ability to take over the mind of a person. But many time this valuing of romance more than any other thing leads a woman in big trouble.

As we all know that many times the women get cheated by their men which ultimately lead to a huge mental stress. There are several cases in which the women are being exploited by their men. Many times due to the sake of love they cross every limit and commit sex before marriage. These cases generally happen more with young girls. They commit sex at an early stage which ultimately leads to various diseases because of premature sex. These mistakes can sometimes even lead to death as these diseases weaken our immune system.

But still woman value romance more than friendship as friendship can happen at any moment but love or romance is a process which takes place gradually. Romance is something which grows stronger as the time passes by and ultimately forms such a strong bond that any other relations of the world fails to break it and for that very reason woman value romance than friendship.

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