Women Whistle Blower

Women Whistle Blower

Women Whistle Blower - Verbal Harassment - Whistleblower Retaliation - Whistle Blower Face » Women whistle-blowers face more retaliation than menToday, women have covered all the service sectors either public or private just like men. They are enthusiastically participating in defense, job of whistle-blower etc. However, in such jobs women face more retaliation as compared to men. This fact is exposed by many new studies and researches. Especially, women whistle-blower who timely alerts authorities about their association faces more reprisal than men.

Many researchers studied on one Midwest unit of U.S. military that has about 9900 employees. Among them 2/3 were civilians and 1/3 were active duty officers of military. They concluded that out of the 3,288 respondents, about 37% reported observing some wrongdoing in prior year.

Prof. Marcia Miceli who is a professor in McDonough School of Management and Business in the University of Georgetown state that level of the retaliation perceived by women were far greater as compared to the men perception.

Some researcher’s team studied on the factors influencing sternness of retaliation together with whistle-blower’s low down power in organization, effect of wrongdoing on whistle-blower, seriousness of wrongdoing including the wrong-doer power and lack of the colleagues support.

The findings after long studies revealed that among above factors, first one weighted against women whistle-blowers. However, it would not able to discourage them from facing challenges as well as pursuing complains.

The research also revealed that around 15% of women had very poor and unfortunate performance appraisal, 14% of them were under extremely tight scrutiny of each day activities via management, 12% face intimidation and verbal harassment, 11% were not satisfied with the behavior of their colleagues and 10% state that they do not get timely and complete required information in order to perform their work successfully.

The whole study for the retaliation faced by most of the whistle-blower was published in one of the issue of an Organizational Science. In addition, it is also published in a journal of INFORMS. These journals reveal the actual fact for the retaliation for women more than men. As women are understanding and calm they face such behavior with their intelligence and cool attitude.

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