Work Overtime

Work Overtime

Work Overtime - Work Overtime Strategically - Tips For Work Overtime » Work Overtime StrategicallyOver time work in the office can be an unavoidable reality for many men, while for others, it is a way out for making some extra cash for those extra hours they can bill. Still others find logging in over time while pretending to work is a great way to use company resources and still get paid for only looking busy. Any of these 3 scenarios, which are common, are not the right way to get ahead in your career; so, be warned, these should be avoided for a professional reputation!

If you must work overtime, it is better to do it strategically! Yes, work smart – not just hard, and get the recognition for it while you are at it! This method will help you get that raise and promotion too, if that’s what you want!

However, just doing overtime is no guarantee it is even getting noticed if your boss doesn’t register your efforts or you’re not doing it smartly enough!

Change your approach to overtime, strategically and get the right response and credit from your manager by informing him in subtle ways about your extra efforts. Impress your manger by following our tips for working overtime strategically and have more time in hand (besides cash and credit for the same) for better things to do!

Do overtime only on certain occasions and position yourself to reach early to the office sometimes to finish fast, but if late to leave on weekends, make this commitment to the organization known by shooting off an email to the boss before you log out, showing an electronic record of having worked past your regular hours – and also give a project update, just by the way!

Make certain your overtime is recognized; you can do this by cheerily phoning the immediate supervisor to say you’re leaving (a little later than usual) and give the work status for the day besides what you plan for the next day; make it a point to be seen by others, especially the boss if you’re doing extra work and look upbeat about it, especially for the urgent projects.

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