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Work Place and You » Work Place and You

Work Place and You » Work Place and YouFor most of us, our work place tends to become our second home considering the amount of time we end-up spending. There are times when people have absolutely no personal lives and have their work place stress sewaging into the personal relationships as well. Some people are so ‘worked-up’ with their office commitments that they go to the extend of camping overnight just to meet a deadline! Rushing-up and feeling guilty about having to neglect the children or forgetting anniversaries and birthdays are just a few side-affects of work-place stress.

If you recognize any one of these symptoms, then you surely are suffering from ‘work-a-holic-ism’. The good news is that, you can manage your professional and personal life with as much ease, if you could just do some simple ‘planning’. Start your day with a ‘task-for-today’ list all ready and updated. This list should hold the tasks that you need to get done at your work-place arranged according to priority.

Most of us like to put-off those tasks that are least desirable but most important. On the contrary, it is good to get over with the heavy-duty task at the beginning of the day itself. No matter how much you hate facing your boss first thing in the morning, taking it up professionally will make a lot of difference. The next important tip is to keep reminding yourself just how much you love your job. This could be as simple as a mere typing job, but with the right kind of attitude, you could go places.

All work and no play is not a good idea, taking a break from your desk is a good idea every now and then. While you might not get the best of friends at your office, nevertheless sharing a lighter moment with your colleagues is recommended. The idea is to make your office space more and more warm and welcoming for you. Put in more of a team-work that involves quite a few members of your process, this way you get to bond and also celebrate the ‘team-spirit’.

Try taking time-out, not just for the regular coffee, but also breathing space for yourself. Take a round over the place or go over to drop a ‘hello’ to your friend in the other bay, keeping in mind not to appear un-productive. At the end of the day, be sure to leave your office work right where it belongs, at the office itself and devout all your attention to family and friends.

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