Workaholism A Dangerous Addiction

Workaholism A Dangerous Addiction

Workaholism A Dangerous Addiction - What is workaholism - Workaholism definition - Physical effects of workaholism » Workaholism – A Dangerous AddictionTo continue with good quality of work it is essential to take regular rests and relaxation also refreshes us. Finally it is common that guys who take proper rests can perform comparatively better. In India many of the employers previously considered workaholism as a respected addiction but now the perception is changing. Sedentary work and continuous working is affecting health of millions of Indian men and. Hard working is not at all bad but there should be a limit and we must have the capacity to strike a balance between work and life.

Packing up after the office hours is a good idea bit hardly we can do it as there remains pressure and huge work loads. It is wise to discuss with our bosses straight away as working long hours is not at al good for heath and in addition it lowers the performance quality.

Many of us have the undesirable habit of bringing office work at home, this is another indication of workaholism.Mind needs relaxation and a break, often we need to sit back relax or even chill in a discotheque.

From childhood we attempted to study long hours and while working we carry on with the same habit and finally the coworkers get irritate as they might not have the same desire to work on and on as you have.Workaholism not only creates mental stress but also disturbs regular normal lifestyle and it is our partners who suffer most.

Social interaction and communication with the nearer and dearer ones re necessary and can’t ignore that coming to the workplace during the weekends involves use of office resource during the holidays and bosses in many cases do not take his lightly. Balancing work and life is necessary and we cannot deny the fact that without mental refreshment it is stressful for our mental self.

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