Working Out Without The Gym

Working Out Without The Gym

Working Out Without The Gym - Get fit without the gym - Ideas of Workout at Home » Working Out Without The GymSquats are important exercise that one may do working out without the gym. Such exercises build muscle in the thighs, shape the buttocks and improve endurance. One should position your feet about 13 to 17 inches apart or at shoulder width. Remember that you should keep the back straight and your head up.

If you want you may use something that will give you some support, i.e. a desk, bookcase, sink etc. Now squat down to where the tops of the thighs are parallel to the floor, hold for a second and then stand up, but don’t bounce at the bottom of the movement, use a nice fluid motion. Always exhale your breath as you stand up.

Other great exercises for working out without the gym are doing dips, this exercise may be done between two sturdy chairs or other surfaces that provide stability. The dip is another great upper body exercise. It’s a compound movement as well and involves working all the muscles that the push up works. Keep your head up and body as vertical as possible.

For the beginning of the movement, start at the top (arms fully extended) and lower yourself until your upper arms are parallel to the seat of the chairs, hold and then push up to the top of the movement until your arms are fully extended again. Keep looking straight ahead and don’t bounce at the bottom of the movement. Another great exercise as working out without the gym includes chin-ups is a great upper body workout, particularly targeting your biceps, deltoid and lat muscles. Use a doorway chin-up bar, ceiling rafters in a garage or grab the molding of your door frame, position your hands with an under hand grip and hang down stretching the lats, slowly raise your body until your chin reaches the bar level.

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