World Cup Soccer's Psychic Octopus Paul Dies In Germany

World Cup Soccer's Psychic Octopus Paul Dies In Germany

World Cup SoccerIt was a sad day (26th October 2010) for the staff and visitors of the Oberhausen Sea Life Center in Germany. ‘Paul the Octupus’ who gained international fame and stardom by correctly predicting the winners of all the matches (played by Germany and then the finals) of the FIFA Soccer World Cup 2010 reportedly died in his sleep. He was two years old when he passed away.

What’s so special about Paul, you may ask? Well, if you haven’t watched the news recently, you might have missed out on the fact that Paul the Octupus was considered as a sea animal with psychic powers.

Born in Weymouth in January 2008, Paul the Octupus rose to stardom when he correctly predicted the winner of all the seven matches played by Germany in the FIFA World Cup in South Africa this year.

He also predicted the winner of the finals between Spain and Netherlands. His predictions were 100% true and Spain went on to become the winners of the FIFA World Cup 2010, just like Paul predicted they would.

According to reports, before every crucial match, Paul was presented with two boxes containing food. Each box bore the sign of the national flag of the country that was to play the match that day.

The box Paul chose to eat out of and the flag it sported, indicated Paul’s choice of who would win the match. Surprisingly, Paul predicted the winner of almost all of the matches played by Germany, both in the Euro 2008 series (4/6 matches) and the FIFA World Cup 2010 (8/8 matches). His accuracy was adjudged to be 86% overall. Paul’s final prediction before passing away was that England would host the World Cup in 2018.

Paul officially retired from his psychic reading business after the World Cup and even though several offers poured in from local and international clients for his transfer, the Oberhausen Sea Life Center decided on keeping him.

The cause of death according to the manager of the center, Stefan Porwoll is natural and this does not come as a surprise, considering the fact that octupuses live only for a couple of years.

According to the manager, Paul had his own dedicated feeding, handling and display teams who took great care of him till his death. The staff at the center is now contemplating on giving Paul a decent burial plot within the grounds of the center along with a permanent shrine.

The center is also planning to give the demised star lucrative rights to a series of commercial enterprises. These include a clothing line and a mobile phone application, both of which will be launched in his name. He is also set to feature in a documentary (made from old videos and photos) that will be released next year.

Here’s wishing a peaceful sleep for an amphibian who gained the respect and love of billions of people world wide this summer. For a moment, summer was forgotten, FIFA was forgotten and even football was forgotten as the world tuned in to watch their favorite invertebrate perform his magic!

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