Worried About Home

Worried About Home

Worried About Home - Worry Regarding House - Professional Security Guard - Home Secureity » Worried about your home while traveling? Here’s what you can do.Undoubtedly the most important key to enjoy a relaxing and true holiday is by knowing that your home and everything related to it is properly secure. Yes, your home is the most vulnerable when you are out for holidays.
So, here are some tips that can help in reducing your worry regarding your house.

First of all, don’t tell many people that you are going away. If you have to tell someone you don’t know well, make sure they think that there will be someone at the property while you’re gone.

You can always ask a trusted friend or a neighbor to keep a check on your home. You can even return the favor when they go away. Give them a spare key and ask to collect the post and shut the curtains at night.

You can set the radio on timer so that people think there’s someone around. Also set your phone on answering machine after couples of rings so that outsiders don’t think that there’s nobody home to pick the phone.

Buy lock for your garden gate and shed. Consider fitting window locks too. This is because thirty percent of all burglaries stem from unsecured windows in the house.

Check for burglars alarm before going out and leave the instructions for the same with your neighbors or friends. You can even change the batteries into smoke alarms.

You can even hire a professional security guard from an agency.

Don’t forget to do a last-minute check to ensure that all windows and doors are locked, including garage doors, side gates and sheds. Make sure you remove keys from patio doors by keeping them aside.

When you fill in your luggage labels, only write your name and mobile number and not your address on them that are like advertising that your home is empty.

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