Yahoo Says Cutting 600 Jobs

Yahoo Says Cutting 600 Jobs

Yahoo Says Cutting 600 Jobs - Yahoo Shutters Delicious, Buzz, AltaVistaYahoo is shutting down many of its social bookmarking websites and other non-performing websites. Recently, we had the news that Yahoo was cutting down its headcount.

The Yahoo office in Sunnyvale, California was cutting four percent of its workforce and around 600 or more jobs. Now we hear that Yahoo is shutting down its social bookmarking websites and products like Delicious, AltaVista and so on.

Yahoo Job Cuts and Product Closures

Yahoo plans to shed few of its content sharing websites. The company also intends to cut down its employee head count. Which of the Yahoo products will face the darkness? The black list includes Delicious, Yahoo Buzz, MyBlogLog, Yahoo Bookmarks and Yahoo Picks.

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz might want to close all the above mentioned websites as they are underperforming and making low revenue. On the other hand, Bartz wants to focus on local services and mobile communications. Yahoo wants to increase its stock price and revenue by attracting more customers. Hence, they plan to close the unprofitable products and services as a part of their cost saving process.

Yahoo to shut Altavista Search engine to prioritize other Products

Altavista was a popular online search engine. This was much in use until Google took over. These days, online users have drifted towards Google search, Bing and other search engines and Altavista is not seeing much traffic. Hence, Yahoo wants to shut down Altavista to focus and prioritize other services.

Yahoo’s own search engine faced stiff competition from Google and Microsoft Bing. Yahoo also took over MyBlogLog, another social networking website like Facebook. However, MyBlogLog never fully integrated with Yahoo homepage and other Yahoo services. Hence, MyBlogLog also faces a beating and closure by Yahoo.

Details about Yahoo Layoffs during Holidays

Yahoo layoffs have come around the holiday season and Christmas time. According to reports, Yahoo moved its product management team to India. Moreover, the layoffs will mainly focus on the newly recruited employees or those serving Yahoo for less than a year.

Yahoo layoffs will include three months of salary and an additional bonus to those who lose their jobs in Yahoo. With pressure to cut costs and increase the company’s revenue, Yahoo management team inevitably decided to cut down its jobs.

Yahoo’s growth is quite sluggish for a long time. With stiff competition from Microsoft, Google and other sites, Yahoo needs to boost its revenue and products to attract more customers. Yahoo is making all efforts to create a strong and efficient company. Will it mean more layoffs and fewer products?

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