Yeast Infection- Causes And Treatment

Yeast Infection- Causes And Treatment

Yeast Infection- Causes And Treatment - Natural Cures For Yeast Infection » How To Treat Yeast InfectionYeast infection is a common disease and it can be cured easily. There are two types of treatment for this condition – the natural method and the mainstream method.

More and more people these days are opting for the natural method and being benefitted by this. I guess it is time you gave up your skepticism and tried the natural method of getting rid of this infection.

Yeast infection treatments vary for different types of yeast infections. The most common type is the vaginal yeast infection although other parts of your body like the mouth, skin or the male penis can be susceptible to yeast infection.

Treatments for yeast infection are plenty and easy to apply. You should refer to your doctor to confirm your infection before applying your own treatment; however, it is best to leave it to your doctor to treat your yeast infection. He will prescribe appropriate antifungal drugs that will clear your infection in twenty four hours.

For yeast infection on your skin, your doctor can prescribe a topical antifungal cream but some may cause dizziness or nausea as side effects. Hence, refer to your doctor’s instruction on dosage and let him be aware of your allergies before he prescribes the medication for you. If you experience any side effects from the prescribed medication, quickly refer to your doctor.

Before getting to the treatment, you need to know what causes this infection. A fungus called Candida Albicans causes yeast infection. Strange but true, this fungus is available in the human body in normal condition. This means a person who does not have yeast infection also carries this fungus.

It only triggers the infection if the fungus keeps growing and becomes out of control. Now here is the good thing, there are some bacteria on the human body that keep the fungus from getting out of control. But then again, sometimes they do overgrow and that is when one needs medical attention.

Some of the factors that can trigger this condition are pregnancy, weak immune system, taking medications such as antibiotics, oral contraceptives, diabetes, steroids, wearing damp or sweaty undergarments or swimsuits, sex etc. The underlying message is, you have to maintain a good hygiene and be careful about the medication you take.

If you are suffering from yeast infection and you consult a doctor, then the chances are that you will be prescribed with some medication, specially the antifungal ones. In other words, the medicines that you will have are drug based. They do work well in these cases and you will be cured eventually. But unfortunately the infection can come back. In many cases the fungus develops a resistance against the medication and the medication does not work effectively anymore.

Here is where the natural remedies come in. There are verities of cures such as different types of herbs; Garlic, Yogurts, Tea Tree Oil – you can use any one of these on the infected area and see the difference in a few days. Remember, natural remedies are the best as they do not contain any harmful ingredient. So stop being a skeptic, go natural and live healthy.

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