Yeast Infections Symptoms, Causes

Yeast Infections Symptoms, Causes

Yeast Infections Symptoms, Causes - Preventing Yeast Infections - Getting Rid Of Yeast Infections » Yeast Infections in WomenOne of the most common kinds of infections present in women, yeast infection is a common type of vaginal infection and affects a majority of women at least once in her life. However, if this infection keeps on recurring, it might be an indicator of some underlying problem. Given below are the various causes of yeast infection and also the symptoms associated with it.

It has been found that the chances of a woman suffering from vaginal yeast infection increases if she’s taking antibiotics, birth control pills, or has frequent and vigorous sex. If you have recurrent yeast infections, then it can be an indicator of some immune system deficiencies like AIDS. Also, women with diabetes are also vulnerable to recurrent yeast infections. It is necessary to get this condition checked by a doctor rather than indulging in self-medication.

Here are some symptoms usually associated with the problem of yeast infections. When you have an infection, you might experience irritation, itching and even soreness of the vaginal lips. A yeast infection is usually characterized by a thick vaginal discharge that looks like cottage cheese. It is usually an odorless vaginal discharge which is either thick whitish-gray or yellow in color, or even watery in consistency. Additionally, vaginal burning, painful urination and painful sexual intercourse are other symptoms of vaginal yeast infection.

If you find any of the above symptoms, you should get it checked by your doctor to get the infection treated on time. Always take medicines and creams on doctor’s prescription. Additionally, there are certain self-care tips which can help you out.

These include following proper hygienic condition and keeping your genital and rectal region clean and dry. Also, avoid wearing too tight fitting undergarment. Also, avoid use of vaginal deodorants. Follow these self-care tips with doctor’s treatment for effectively getting rid of yeast infections.

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