Yoga Is 13th Most Popular Physical Activity Among Aussies

Yoga Is 13th Most Popular Physical Activity Among Aussies

Yoga Is 13th Most Popular Physical Activity Among Aussies - Yoga Is Popular Physical ActivityYoga that originated in India has become hugely popular in Australia. What exactly is yoga? Well, yoga comprises a series of postures known as asanas. The term in Sanskrit means union. A regular yoga activity bestows you with physical and mental benefits. Physical benefits include flexibility, strength, muscle tone, pain prevention and better breathing, it also helps in weight management and the mental benefits include stress reduction and mental calmness.

Since it is a popular physical activity, studies conducted have proved that it indeed has huge followers to the tune of 300,000 in Australia. The survey was conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Why this rage with yoga? Well, mainly it is to bring a change in the personality with physical and mental discipline. This calls for greater affinity towards yoga and thus it goes up as the most preferred physical activity. It has scaled to the level of being the 13 most chosen physical activities among the Aussies.

Even the medical studies carried out in Australia have shown positive effect in treating many disorders such as binge eating, osteoporosis, carpel tunnel syndrome etc.

A regular practice of yoga can help to combat infection and strengthens immunity, thus it can prevent one from falling sick. Stress is the cause for several diseases, which includes even infectious diseases. Yoga asana and pranayama that is the breathing techniques can relax the body and de-stress it.

Yoga has proved to be highly beneficial in calming and relaxing the mind. It is proving to be effective in helping people to cope with trauma such as death and divorce says yoga instructor and a child and family therapist Andy Spaulding in Sydney.

He also noticed that yoga can work wonders for the troubled teenagers .For instance, yoga therapy brought its healing touch to teens at a juvenile detention centre at California, many of whom were impetuous teenagers.

He stated to Sydney Herald that yoga helps the teens to nurture their minds and bodies in fresh ways, benefiting even those with overweight bodies to feel positive about themselves and their companions.

A little time dedicated to yoga can keep your body and mind healthy.

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