Yoga Poses For Indigestion

Yoga Poses For Indigestion

Yoga Poses For Indigestion - Indigestion Yoga Medicines » Yoga For IndigestionIndigestion is a digestive system ailment which occurs to everybody sometime or the other in life. This can be caused by a number of reasons like intake of irresistible but fatty, oily food; emotional stress and tension; and also due to lack of exercise and excessive eating. Everyone must have tried all kinds of options available for treating this problem- right from natural, herbal methods to allopathic medicines. Did you know that yoga- the art of holistic living- can prove effective in the prevention as well as treatment of this problem? Instead of running here and there for solutions, follow some given yogic remedies to say sayonara to the problem of indigestion.

Performing regular yogic asanas and breathing exercises along with taking some natural and herbal medicines is the best way to free your life from the ailment of indigestion. Pranayama- the basic breathing exercise of yoga which involves breathing slowly from one nostril, retaining breath for few seconds, and slowly releasing it- is the best way to bring your life on a healthy route. Regular focused breathing can open up blocked areas of energy in the body and thus strengthen the digestive system. Similarly, there are certain special morning kriyas of yoga which help in the strengthening of abdominal powers to prevent and treat indigestion and other stomach related disorders. These asanas include Parsvakonasana or the extended side angle pose and Ustrasana which is the camel pose. This involves standing on the knees with knees hip distances apart; tuck tail bone and lift heart to the sky. This slightly stretches the abdomen along with strengthening the back muscles. One can also follow some inversion poses if one is not suffering from any back or neck problem. Other poses like forward folds and nostril breathings can all prove effective in the treatment of the problem of indigestion. Last but not the least, practice some meditation and calming breathing exercises to de-stress yourself so as to get rid of stress which is one of the prime factor leading to indigestion in the body.

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