Your Favorite Color Depicts your Personalilty

Your Favorite Color Depicts your Personalilty

Your Favorite Color Depicts your Personalilty - Color Affecting the Personality » What your favorite color depicts about youColors are all around us. Certainly, the world would be bland place without colors. Within the human psychology, colors can act as unconscious triggers influencing thoughts and feelings. This is the major reason that why we love wearing certain color and hate the other.

Colors have inherent energy and therefore the color of your zodiac has magnetic pores. Do you know that what you wear or love to wear says a lot about you? Check out what your favorite color tells about you.

Red color says that you are impulsive and energetic. You are ambitious and like things to happen quickly. You like to be the best in everything you do. You may be a bit insensitive to others feelings since you like to be center of attraction.

You have an interesting and stimulating personality. You like to be active and involved in whatever is going on. Lively and vital, you can cope well with various changes. Bright yellow represents spontaneity and communication. You are active, inspiring and investigative.

You are an alert and cautious person and not inclined to trust person others easily. You are an observer in life, but do not wish to get involved more than you have to. Quite life suits you best. You are service-oriented and love to help others.

You are sensitive, compassionate person. So, you can be easily imposed upon. You should be careful to pick friends who are sensitive as you are. To be happy, works where you feel want to.

You are competent, self-oriented and impatient. You are independent, an organizer and self-motivated. Your energy levels are high, and you are sometimes restless. You have a forceful will and tend to be active and competitive.

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