Zaheer Khan And Isha Sharvani Move In Together

Zaheer Khan And Isha Sharvani Move In Together

Zaheer Khan And Isha Sharvani Move In Together - Zaheer Khan, Isha Sharvani Move In Live-In RelationshipFinally another eligible bachelor in India has decided to shun his bachelor status. Cricketer Zaheer Khan is soon to be seen tying knots with his long time girlfriend actress Isha Sharvani. So get ready to witness another Cricket- Bolly duo to hit the matrimony squad.

Reports say that Zaheer’s family is in a celebrating mood. Post India’s victory in the Cricket World Cup 2011 and Zaheer emerging as the highest wicket taker of the tournament, Zaheer’s family has been having a bash since then. His family reportedly wants him to play equally successfully in yet another pitch: this time in the pitch of matrimony and wants to replenish the season with another big celebration.

Zaheer had first met Isha in 2005 who was performing at a farewell function for the Australian team touring India. It did not take much time for the girl who was already creating vibes then all over the country with her tremendous dancing skills as showcased in the Subhash Ghai film ‘Kisna’ to hit the wicket of Zaheer’s heart.

Sources confirm that it was not love at first sight. After their first meeting Zaheer and Isha almost bumped into each other at many parties and social dos before getting hooked to each other and then soon they were spotted together at many events and places. Zaheer even accompanied and helped Isha find a home at Khar. The relationship was working out well from the very beginning.

There had been some minor tiffs in the relationship though but the couple managed to stay together even at tough times. When Zaheer returned from South Africa with the Indian cricket team Isha Sharvani herself was present in the airport to receive him.

However, though the relationship clicked at the start and when all seemed well between the two suddenly reports popped up of their split in 2007. Sources close to them informed that both have called the relationship a quit on the ground that things were not working out between them like before. Sources even claimed that both Zaheer and
Isha have moved on and all contacts between them have been cut off.

This official news of their split emerged as yet another Cricket- Bollywood break-up following many A-list cricketers including Yuvraj Singh-Kim Sharma break-up just a few months ago. After their split Isha had refused to speak to the media about her break-up with Zaheer while Zaheer went on to play the tournament in Bangladesh with
team India.

But how can true lovers stay away from each other? Just like the story of any romantic Bollywood masala flick, fate brought the two lovers back together in July, 2010. And this time their bonding has gone even stronger than before if sources are to be believed. Close friends of the couple informed that the lovebirds are nurturing their relationship like never before and have decided to marry.

The latest buzz is that Zaheer and Isha have decided to live together before their wedding in order to make the relationship even stronger. A source close to the couple revealed that Zaheer has bought a new flat in Ashok Towers, Parel and Isha has already moved in with him. Both are happy about it though there were minor obligations from Isha’s family at first. The couple is now busy planning their wedding which is supposedly going to take place some time this year, sources confirmed.

Good going lovebirds! We wish you all the best. And all girls out there start eyeing the other bachelors in team India for Zaheer is all Isha’s now.

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